3 mindfulness activities to take a break from screens (to do alone or with the kids)

26 October, 2022 • Par De Saison


active meditation

Active meditation consists of putting on your sports shoes and getting outside for some fresh air. Whether in your immediate environment or during a special outing in nature, active meditation is accessible and can even be completed during your lunch hour at work.

  • As you walk, begin by breathing deeply, silently.
  • Become aware of the thoughts inside you and slowly shift your attention away from them to your surroundings.
  • Mentally name the details you observe around you that are unique to the current season.
  • Pay attention to bodily sensations:
    • The temperature of the air, of the sun.
    • Wind, seasonal allergies,
    • smells, sounds.

If the kids are with you, name your observations out loud and see what catches their eye. And here is the ba.ba of the art of picking up!

Write a toast to the current season

Exercise your literary creativity! Half exercise of gratitude, mindfulness and writing, we invite you to list everything you like about the current season while playing with words and turns of phrase. Orally or in writing, you can make this exercise something very felt or funnier. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Ode to my favorite season
  • The rhythm of the seasons
  • Seasonal contrasts
  • Seasonal rituals
  • Do, see, feel, be.
  • Seasonal scene
  • childhood season
  • Seasonal food
  • seasonal nature

Poetry collage on the current season

Want to indulge in a creative activity (even if you don't consider yourself creative at all)? Swap pencil for magazine clippings and create a painting! You can even write a poem about the current season or seasons in general using the words you cut out. Everyone loves it!