Des idées de showers originaux, pratiques et qui plairont réellement aux parents!

The baby shower

The arrival of a new baby often makes the whole family completely gaga. To celebrate his arrival and his future parents, a shower is often organized. At this party, guests want to give gifts to new parents to help them prepare for the baby's arrival. Parents are then inundated with gifts of all kinds, but are they really useful to them and do they really want?

When it comes to buying a gift for a newborn, we get excited about all the cuter objects and clothes, and our purchases often reflect our tastes and it's not necessarily what the parents would have wanted. receive. Sure, they'll be very grateful for all the love, attention, and gifts they've received, but will they really use them?
Before you go to the stores or on the web to buy a gift, take the time to think about your purchase. There are two criteria to consider.

First, utility. Then the tastes. First, ask yourself, do they really need it? No? Look for something else. Yes? Great! Now, is it to their liking? Even if you think an item is really cute and you wish you had it for your baby, if it's not to the liking of new parents, they might not use it.

Let new parents have the pleasure of carefully choosing each of the objects they will use with baby. After all, they are the ones who will use them and see them every day! Shops often offer baby registries, if the parents have made one, buy something they have selected, you will be sure not to go wrong.
Here are some shower ideas to celebrate baby differently. A personalized way to spoil new parents and baby in an original and practical way!

Consult the practical guide for our gift suggestions and our tools related to his ideas.

Our family kit
There was a time when every stage of life had its order: first marriage, then home, and finally children. The lovers, during the celebration of their marriage, received a trousseau which contained everything necessary to live in the house. Nowadays, there is no more order and marriage is no longer a mandatory step in order to move in together and start a family. Since wedding trousseaux are no more, why not replace them with birth trousseaux? The idea here is to equip the parents with everything they might need for them to take good care of the children.

Give the gift of reading
Why not throw a party for book lovers? Each guest gives a book as a gift to the unborn child in which they write a personalized note, a bit like a dedication for the child. Parents can then read all these books to their child and already sow in him the love of reading. This simple gift allows parents and child to share a quality moment which also allows them to develop a host of skills. And why not come and read the book to the child once born?

Batch cooking
Meal planning and preparation takes a lot of time and organization. To lighten the task of new parents in the first weeks of baby's life, you can offer them ready-made meals. At this party, you can cook meals all together or each guest can arrive with a ready-cooked meal that the parents can freeze and reheat on a night of a long day when the urge to cook is not there. YOU.

Help coupons
We often forget that the most valuable gift we can give is our time. The first months of a baby's life are not easy. The nights are short and the whole family is adapting. We suggest that you suggest that guests offer their time to the new parents or an attention to help them. Asking for help is not always easy, it is important to follow up with parents once baby has arrived to let them know what you can do to help and when you are available.

Second hand/pay it forward
The arrival of a new baby requires several items that will not be used for a long time. It is possible to get everything you need for baby in second-hand shops or on platforms like Market Place. It also happens that objects used for a first baby are stored for future use. Since they are not in use at the moment, it is possible to lend them to future celebrated parents until they are needed again.

Investing in baby's future
Are future parents financial lovers? Maybe they don't want to receive items or clothes as gifts, because they prefer to do their shopping themselves? Maybe they already have everything? Having a child entails a lot of expenses, and not just the first year. It is possible to help future parents in the long term by offering them investment products or money that they can invest in the products of their choice. This money can be used to pay for studies, a special project for the child, his first car or even to finance his move to an apartment or help buy his first house. Who knows?

We take care of flat purchases
One of the pleasures of preparing for the arrival of a new baby is to carefully choose the little clothes he will wear during his first months, to select the furniture in his room and the decorative elements so that it is beautiful and warm. . Some purchases, although essential, are much less interesting and fun. Guests could take care of making those flat purchases which are also the most expensive in the long run. In this way, new parents will have plenty of time to choose objects of their tastes that correspond to their needs.

Consult the practical guide for our gift suggestions and our tools related to his ideas.