Turn your “to-do list” into a “done list”

16 June, 2022

We often feel pressured to be productive and successful in order to meet the standards of being a good parent. To all of our parental tasks are added professional tasks and in order to accomplish everything, we often have recourse to a list of things to do, the famous "to-do list" which is NEVER completed since it is lengthens as it is completed.

The "to-do list" is probably the most widespread method of organization, with good reason, since it allows us, among other things, to unburden our heads of all those things that we have to accomplish and to put them in order. of priority. However, anyone who has written a “to-do list” knows full well that you never do everything on it! How nice it would be to cross out everything and end the day or week with a great sense of accomplishment. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. Our list often remains incomplete and gives us the unpleasant impression that we have wasted our time, so we feel guilty, unproductive and even a bit lazy.

Let's face it, the main reason we didn't achieve everything we planned was that we omitted certain tasks and executed them in priority and to the detriment of what was planned. So here is an ultra-simple trick that will help you get rid of the guilt: transform your “to-do list” into a “done list”. The idea is not to throw your “to-do” into oblivion! It's more about keeping a few empty lines on which to write the tasks that have been completed and crossing them out. This way of doing things that may seem counterproductive (Why write something I did!?!?), but it will give you the chance to end the day with a feeling of accomplishment.

If you haven't discovered our collection of checklists, it's high time you did! You'll notice they all have blank lines so you can add tasks to them and turn them into a “done list”!

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