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Cool-down kit

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Everything you need to accompany the child who is learning to control his emotions in this pretty first aid style kit!

The idea behind the kit is to learn to identify emotions, manage to ventilate them in a positive way and repair inappropriate gestures. Who said supporting our children's emotional development wasn't fun?

Recommended age: 2-8 years old. Parental supervision required at all times for children under 3.


Pretty pencil case with an attractive design, made of strong and durable cardboard.

Dimensions of the kit: 9 x 6.5 in x 3 in (23 x 16.5 x 7.5 cm)


  • 1 booklet of 13 emotion pictograms
  • An angry cuddly toy with pouch to make anger disappear in a playful and symbolic way
  • 1 small box of 12 adhesive bandages each illustrating a gesture of repair
  • 1 anti-stress cube with 6 methods to manage your emotions
  • 20 “wrath coupon” sheets to crumple
  • 1 hourglass
  • 1 mini-survival guide for the accompanying parent

    The kit allows children to learn to control the intensity of their emotions in order to live well in society. Managing your emotions well is something that can be learned just like riding a bicycle or even conjugation. This tool makes it easier to support children to help them find ways to get there. Thus, the child will be able to identify unpleasant emotions and ventilate them in a positive way.

    Tips for using the Cool Down Kit to its full potential

    1. When the child is very young, it is sometimes necessary to stay with him in the corner so that he stays there until calm has returned. It is important that he understands that he will have to stay in the background until he has regained his composure. In time, he will be able to stay there without the presence of an adult and he may even end up going there by himself.
    2. Try to always present the corner as something positive and not as a negative consequence. It is not the feeling of anger that is the problem, but the inappropriate gesture that accompanies it, such as shouting, insulting or even breaking something. For this kind of behavior, invite the child to make a gesture of reparation.
    3. Lead by example and use the cool-down corner when you feel angry, too. This will avoid stigmatizing the child and will make him aware that everyone experiences emotions, even adults.
    4. Over time, if the pencil case loses its appeal, invite the child to personalize it. Let him add things that help him calm down (puzzles, legos, sensory objects).
        version française de la trousse de retour au calme Les Belles Combines pour gérer les crises et débordements
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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 32 reviews

        J’adore le principe et je vais garder la trousse mais à partir de deux ans… je dirais plus 3 ans!


        Personnellement je suis déçu je croyais que cela soit mieux mes attentes était beaucoup trop élevé pour le prix merci

        La trousse en cadeau

        Un cadeau autant pour les parents que pour l'enfant !!!! Maman etait content puisqu'il s'agit de punition positive améliorant le comportement de l'enfant ! Une maman orthopedagogue comblé par ce merveilleux cadeau qu'est la trousse !!!!


        Grosse crise évitez rapidement retour au calme rapide, les filles ont rapidement compris à utiliser


        Avec un garçon autiste, reconnaître les émotions est assez difficile. Cette trousse est tout simplement parfait pour lui montrer comment gérer sa frustration et revenir au calme. Je le recommande.