5 ways to motivate our children to accomplish their tasks

12 October, 2022

Housework is good for our children, let's just say it! They help them develop independence, boost their self-confidence and skills, and foster a sense of belonging to the family. Some researchers even go so far as to state that children's participation in the housekeeping of the home would have a great influence on their personal and professional success. Watering the plants, feeding the dog, emptying the dishwasher, tidying the room... As parents, we are often well aware of all this, but becoming the conductor and organizing the household so that everyone participates can seem difficult!

How do you motivate children to participate in household chores?

Some children see household chores as a punishment. In such a situation, it's hard to motivate them to do the chores! How can we motivate children to do their share without too much fuss? Here are 5 tips from Les Belles Combines!

1- Gradually delegate tasks:

Delegate one task at a time. If it seems too difficult, split the task and ask your child to do only part of it to start. For example, empty only the first floor of the dishwasher or put away only half of the groceries. Gradually increase the level of difficulty. The goal is to make him/her experience success so that motivation remains high.

2-Set up routines using a pictogram system:

Visual support has proven to be a powerful tool to help children build their bearings. It will help the youngest children as well as the oldest and even more so, children with special needs. Pictograms help children quickly locate themselves in time, are more meaningful to children and put pictures on words. The Belles Combines have a system of magnetic pictograms called Petites Missions, compatible with the family planner. A winning combo!

3-Do the task several times with your child:

Give clear instructions and do it several times with your child. When you feel ready, let your child perform the task without expecting results. Then check the work done (or have it checked by our fun Inspector Edgar) and encourage them to do it better next time. Hoping for a flawless job will only put extra pressure on him and may discourage him. Above all, if you do it for him by saying that he's not doing it properly, he may quickly understand that he just has to make an effort not to have to do his job. With time and practice, the results will show up.

  • Turn household chores into something fun:

At Les Belles Combines, we use the word "Petite Mission" rather than "household task". It's already more fun and it sounds less like punishment or hard work. Also, don't hesitate to use a positive reinforcement system that will challenge them. The General Store is a great and very effective tool. One block for each task performed! Thanks to the accumulation of blocks, your child will be able to buy rewards or privileges in the store box that you manage. Fun isn't it?

  • Accompany new responsibilities with new privileges:

Growing up means having new responsibilities, but it also means having new privileges. When you give new tasks to your child, think about giving him new privileges (going to bed 5 minutes later, seeing his bike perimeter widen, being able to invite friends to bed, taking his shower or bath alone, etc.). If your child refuses to do his tasks, you can acquiesce to his request by taking away the privileges that come with them. He may change his mind very quickly! Our Les Magnétos pictograms are accompanied by a small diploma that highlights the change in your child's level by granting him or her new privileges.