Ideas of activities for rainy days... or not!

09 June, 2021 • Par Natacha Langlois

Are you on a family camping trip and it has been raining for several hours already? Here are some ideas for perfect activities to take full advantage of these rainy days!

1- We settle in warm in our sleeping bag and we go through the different books that we will have taken care to bring with us! And why not just tell each other stories? Bring the Belles Combines coin-coin to add even more fun!

2- We write our logbook . Several models are available on the market, but a simple notebook and a few pencils will be enough to fill the notebook with what will become a wonderful souvenir of this summer getaway!

3- Card games are always a great way to have fun with the family! We offer you our favorite games approved by our families in this little downloadable combination !

4- We put on our raincoats and our boots and we go hunting for earthworms , or we prepare with earth, grass and pebbles the biggest magic potion ! Guaranteed fun and laughter for the whole family!

5- Forgot the board games at home? It's time to bring out your camp classics! Why not play “When I go to the market”, riddles or “Rock, paper, scissors”?

6- Download before departure our nature journal and our treasure hunt in nature for hours of exploration of the plant and animal world that surrounds us!

7- Bring watercolor or acrylic paint pencils to create real natural works of art . Grab some rocks, tree leaves or branches, and let your creativity flow!

To carry out these activities, I put in my bag:

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