The Quiet Back Kit or how to help your kids calm the pompom!

07 November, 2021

Since entering kindergarten, my son has discovered a talent for imitating the sound of fart and I must say that he does it funny! So much so that this sound has become his main way of let us know that he is upset. It is rather funny to see when, from the top of his 5 years and a month, he frowns and emits a sound fart from his little mouth pinched. It is rather funny yes, but repeatedly this gesture ends up putting me out of me, especially when it is followed by a thunderous "you're mean" or a rare but very hard-hitting "big nanny". I know that this behaviour is transient, but it is my job as a parent to intervene and make him understand that this is not a way of expressing his displeasure.

In the corner

To make him understand, I used the universal method: the corner. First on the first step of the stairs (it was worse) then in his room (he was even more out of it!). The crisis was only intensifying, he could throw things, slam doors and shout insults. What broke my heart was his little, discomfited mine after the storm. He was so disappointed with him, calling himself a fine step and seeing himself as a nasty little boy!

The new corner!

I then asked myself: where do I go and especially what do I do when I am angry? The answer was certainly not: on the first step of the stairs look at the wall! I want to take refuge in a place where I can calm down. I read a book or I lie down, close my eyes and breathe a good shot. Following this reasoning, I invited my son to build a corner of calm. We put a cushion, a nice poster, books, a puzzle, a stuffed animal that pleases him and .... The quiet-back kit.

The Kit To Return to Calm The Beautiful Combines

In this kit there is a whole "kit" for the child who can no longer control his emotions and who has made an inappropriate gesture! There is an hourglass to mark the time he has to spend in the corner and all kinds of ways to calm down (an anti-stress ball that he can crush between his fingers, two good anger to crumple and throw in a corner, a small puzzle and a book). There is also a booklet of emotions to learn to identify the emotions that inhabit it.  It also contains a series of reparation sets that will allow him to make amends for his blunder. The idea behind the kit is to learn how to identify emotions, to break them down in a positive way and to repair inappropriate gestures. It's nice the area but also come out grown up!

How does it work?

The kit is left permanently at the corner. When the child has difficulty dealing with the emotion in him, he is asked to go back to his calm in the corner intended for this purpose. He can therefore use the means at his disposal in the kit to achieve this. When calm has returned, it is important to look back at what happened. Finally, the child understands or chooses a gesture of reparation and finishes it all in style! So after calling me a "fat mum who stinks", having gone to the corner to crumple one or two anger vouchers and do a puzzle the time of an hourglass or two, son now calm, can identify (with my help) the emotion that he had trouble controlling and that m Ené au by the corner. In the jar of repair gestures he drew "Make a drawing to 'Make a drawing' which he offered me by apologizing for saying bad words to me.

Strengthen the "beautiful" periods of return to calm

Now, when my son is dissatisfied or too excited, I ask him to retire to the corner back to calm. Sometimes he does it himself!  When he makes efforts to regain his composure, rather than arguing about being angry, I commend him for using means to temper it. Let's say it's much more positive as well. I've also seen a lot of progress! Be aware that this kit is not only to help the angry child, but also the one who is too excited, who experiences stress, jealousy and all other emotions excessively. Buy The quiet-back kit