The autonomy course: THE guide to promote the development of autonomy for young and old from 0 to 12 years old

16 February, 2023

Ensuring the development of the autonomy of your children can be a difficult task on a daily basis , especially when you think of all that there is already to accomplish in a day! Also, since we are often not teachers, early childhood educators, or child development specialists, we don't always know what a four- or eight-year-old child should be able to achieve through himself.

Because the autonomy of young and old is one of the keys to an organized and harmonious family life , we have created for our heads of families the complete course for the development of the autonomy of children aged 0 to 12! Divided by level, each of the guides offers all the small and large daily tasks that your child can do, according to his age, his level of personal development and according to the following categories:

Each time your child grows a year (or two, depending on the level), take a moment to download and print the corresponding guide to write down each of the tasks or skills your child has already mastered . Then, for the next year of your child's life, try to set a goal together to develop a new skill each month . Don't hesitate to take a look at our little practical tricks and our blog articles to help you!

Finally, as each child of course develops at their very own personal pace, please note that the age proposed for each level is only provided as an indication and that it is obviously not necessary to master all the skills of a given level to move on to the next . The development of autonomy is a long process where each child evolves at his own pace and it is therefore important to adapt to his reality!

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