The General Shop - The supermarket of positive strengthening

06 November, 2017

They make what so that our baby Louis gives up being physically taken to his young brother each time this one refuses to listen to his directives of game? Or else so that Laurel makes its routine alone without their having to remind him every morning? What it is necessary to make, for love, if they do not want to be any more obliged to repeat always «what is said?» to intend to take out a "thank you " or one "please " from the mouth of our children? How is it possible to condition them to pick up their plate at the end of meal? In fact, there is a multitude of ways of arriving at it! It is possible to give them all kinds of punishments which it is then necessary to manage and to take (all joy are known to have to live with consequences to have deprived our child of television during a day of rain). It is also possible to and to explain and repeat and to explain still and still (if you are type parent cancel, I admire you!) . Or simply to be unaware of bad behaviours and to tell itself that this is going to pass (very hard for the nervous system). To each its solution! At our place they decided to encourage good behaviours with hard bops of positive strengthening! I must say that until now this gives very good results and this brings back to life of rather nice family.

Positive Strengthening it is what?

Positive strengthening for the no: give a nice stimulus to augment frequency or appearance of a good behaviour. It is possible to make it in many ways! Verbal positive strengthening (Bravo my nice Laurel, are you a champion of politeness, you said thank you without my having to ask for it you!) and non-verbal positive strengthening (a twinkle as soon as Louis brings back his plate on the bar). The preventive positive strengthening which is a little more demanding but how efficient (by noticing Louis of the corner of the eye which gets ready to type his small brother, I intervene just in time to say to him «wow you stopped yourself from typing your brother, as it is fan-tas-tique!» ) Finally, there is the material positive strengthening which consists in rewarding by small "presents" good behaviours of our children. That one is very efficient but should be used gently since they want that the children learn to find an internal motivation to adopt good behaviours.

The General Les Belles Combines shop

The Nice Designs set up a general shop which allows to reward the wise children! It is a system of positive strengthening that makes easier the life of the parents when the time comes to reinforce the good blows of the children.

How are you getting on?

Every child has a pot permanently étiquetté in her name next to which there is a reservation of small wooden blocks. One or two behaviours are targeted that they want to see appearing. These must be measurable and visible. They avoid therefore "be patient" or "be nice". Then, they reward these behaviours with the aid of a block which is put in their pot. Once or two a week, they allow them to count collected blocks (with the aid of a leaf count-block for the babies who cannot perfectly count until twenty). According to the number of accumulated blocks, they can then exchange their blocks for knack in the general shop. The shop, it is simply a box separated in three section: 5 blocks, 10 blocks and 20 blocks. Importing him it is to inform them each time a block is given them. It is even possible to ask them to go themselves to deposit a block in their pot. Finally, when behaviour is anchored well, they give up rewarding them and new challenges are given them.

The educational baby

Besides being a good means to reward the wise children, the general shop is a very good pedagogic tool. He allows between others to develop present transverse competences in the programme of the Ministry of education such as:
  • Exercise his critical judgement
  • Implement his creative thought
  • Structure his identity
  • Collaborate

Without counting that it is a good pretext to help the child to develop competences of mathematical order such as:

  • Solve a situation-problem
  • Consider with the aid of concepts and of mathematical processes
  • Communicate with the aid of mathematical language

Here are some questions which it is possible to ask to the child when he counts his blocks (according to his level of course!):

  • How many blocks do you believe you have? Can you estimate it?
  • How many blocks you lack to get this reward?
  • How many blocks will there you have having obtained this reward?
  • Can you obtain this reward if you aditionnez your blocks together?
  • How many packets of 5 blocks must you have to obtain this reward? And of 10?
  • How many dozens and units do you need to obtain this reward?
  • By using 1/2 of your blocks which reward can you obtain? 1/4? 3/4?
  • A knack from our home!

At our place, material reward does not rhyme dollars with shop of! Here is some knack which I want to slip into our shop:

  • Small food little treats that I have no habit to give them (juice in box, corn individual pop's bag, envelope of hot chocolate)
  • Utilitarian knack (new felt-tip pens to replace those who do not work any more, new play dough to replace the one who dried, piles of replacement for some games)
  • Games or toy that I confiscated from them (for whatever reasons it is!)
  • Cardboards privileges as those that it is possible to obtain in our online boutique
  • New reading books
They really like the idea of putting in the shop of knack that they would have given them of any ways. It makes them become aware of what we give them to return their nicer life. In exchange, we ask them to put down small gestures to contribute to the ease of the family they too. Without counting that these gifts do not arrive on a simple bang of fingers, or to buy peace facing a fad. My children hope and want these small presents and work extremely to obtain them! And which pride they feel when they can finally lay the hand on this so much wanted reward. Buy general shop