Tips for properly defining your scale of values

11 October, 2022

Because life often goes too fast and the family schedule can often find itself quickly overloaded, it is important to clearly define your priorities in order to be able to devote your precious time to what really matters to you and your family . To do this, we invite you today to define your scale of values , which will become over time your true parental compass and which will allow you not only to better choose the members of your entourage, but also your activities, the projects to achieve and even your life goals.

Thus, when the time comes to organize your schedule and choose extracurricular activities for your children, your values ​​will dictate the choice to be made and allow you to fully assume the decision . Are you hesitating between piano practice and swimming lessons for your children? Here are the questions to ask yourself according to different values:


What day are the lessons? Does their duration interfere with the possibility of carrying out family activities or visiting grandparents on weekends?


Will the course taken allow your children to perpetuate a family tradition? Would you like to pass on the love of music or your swimming skills to your offspring?

The fun and the slow

Which activity is more fun for children? Does one of the two courses offered force them to sacrifice another activity that they enjoy?


Does the chosen activity allow all members of the family to move or does it force the parents or certain children to wait until the end of the lesson, sitting quietly in the waiting room or on the stands?

Of course, the questions to ask depend on the values ​​your family holds dear . To help you define yours, we invite you to fill in your own scale of values ​​thanks to the little trick that we have prepared for you.

And, if you want to learn more about the subject, consult the book Les Belles Combines which contains an entire section devoted to values.