How to put a little "slow" in his summer?

10 July, 2017

The bell rings at the end of the year. The summer holidays begin. The race for activities has begun! Many parents organize and plan their children's summer in the same way they do for the school year: day camp, classes, sports activities, camping, remedial classes, outings, appointments, etc. Activities follow one another.

If for us, as adults, holidays are synonymous with respite, time for oneself, moments that allow us to unwind work, why not offer this to our minis? Why don't we give our kids some time to breathe during the summer? Even better, how could you take the time to stop with them and be present here and now?

The "slow" movement proposes to slow down our pace of life, to take its time to allow us to appreciate more the present moment. However, it remains a concept that varies from one individual to another and that everyone can interpret in their own way. Having three young children, at home, the "slow" is characterized by all these little moments of everyday life where I really take the time to be with my children. We forget the stress and the tasks, we really enjoy the moment together. It is on this aspect of the "slow" that I will talk to you in this text.

Summer is the perfect time to stop and start the souvenir factory. It may sound complicated, but believe me, you're capable!

I propose here some tracks that could awaken your creativity and your imagination, the rest depends on you! I warn you from the beginning, there is no competition or comparison. The important thing is to take a break (more or less long, it depends on everyone) to really enjoy the moment with your children, the means used is at your discretion! I told you, the interpretation of the "slow" is variable! 

Starting from your child's interests

It may sound simplistic, but every child has their own interests. Starting from what he likes, a world of possibilities is open to you!

Do you have a small artist? Try to reserve yourself an afternoon to make playdough, to discover different mediums (oil painting, acrylic paint, watercolor, pastels), to draw in the courtyard with chalk. You could also exhibit his works by hanging them all over the walls. It goes without saying that you can also take the time to tinker with your child just for fun!

Does your child have theatrical flair? You could make puppets or a Chinese shadow theatre. Prepare a beautiful show to present to mom or dad.

Is your mini active? Prepare with him an obstacle course with stuff you have at home. You will have a lot of fun making the different journeys.

I repeat, the important thing is to spend pleasant moments and quality time all together!

Rock the routine! 

The benefits of having an evening routine are obvious, but it is possible to combine the useful with the pleasant with a little imagination.

First of all, for the preparation of meals, everyone could get their hands on it. The kitchen is a place to unite and, personally, I think the children have a place there. It is clear that the proposed tasks must be age-appropriate. We also have to accept that as a parent we will be able to accept that it will take longer and that there will surely be more damage if our child is at work. However, once this barrier has passed, we keep smiling and enjoy the moment!

Why don't you eat out? A little picnic is out of the ordinary and it's good for morale! Bring the plates, utensils and food outside and enjoy the beautiful evenings!

It is also possible to make small evenings of board games. We release the classic games (Monopoly, Scrabble, Candy Land, etc.). It can also be done on a rainy afternoon! For the youngest, there are several very fun games. At home, we appreciate Mont à mots, Monsieur Gelato and Choco!

The time of history is important in many households. It's a little time when everyone is glued and it allows a nice return to calm before the sleep. At home, we like to make a little campfire in the evening. We wrap up in a softie and watch the logs burn. This summer, I want to try to read the story out by the fire. This will be our sweet little moment that will allow us to stay out a little later!

For the time of sleep, you could go camping in the yard or even in the living room!

Reconnecting with nature

We take less and less time to discover the nature around us and to pass this interest on to our children. Still, it's a free and so rewarding activity! You might be interested in observing stars, insects, plants, birds, etc. The Internet is full of information that can be useful to you. If you are more 'old school', libraries are also available!

To make it easier to observe birds, it is possible to make a feeder with almost nothing (toilet paper roll, peanut butter and bird seeds). This will attract birds and allow your children to observe a beautiful variety directly from your home!

Creating a nature notebook can be a great way to preserve observations, drawings, photos, leaves, flowers that you will harvest during your moments in nature. 

For a fast-prepared nature activity, get The Treasure Hunt leaf, a nature ride prepared by Les Belles Combines! Easy to use, it will brighten up your outdoor outings.

Be present for real

Finally, to make the moment even more magical, leave your phone behind. Turn off the wifi during this short moment to fully enjoy the beauty of these memories you create.

The most important thing is to let your children have fun and let yourself have fun with them. Take the time to take the time, to be "here and now" with them. It's time to start your souvenir factory and enjoy your summer a little more "slow"!

I am curious and always open to new ideas, what means do you use to slow down and take the time to be "here and now" with your minis?