Create your own family organization binder!

09 March, 2023

Our family organization binder has been designed so that it can be useful to you both as a binder, planner, calendar and diary ; and, because each personal, family or professional reality is different, we offer you the possibility of choosing yourself the accessories to add to your schoolbag in order to make it a complete set that will not only allow you to plan better, but also to efficiently classify all the small tricks, information and important papers in one and the same place ! To help you make an informed choice, here are all the tools you can include:

Monthly and weekly planners

Undated and fully customizable, our paper version planners will fit perfectly into your school bag and not only allow you to use it as a daily planner, but to always have your schedule close at hand! Start it when it suits you and adapt it to your personal, family or professional needs.


Have you wanted to quit smoking for a long time? Would you like to get back to training on a regular basis? Want to make sure you stick to the recommendation to eat at least five fruits and vegetables a day? Effectively track your good habits with this handy notepad that you can add to your schoolbag.

My month

Do you like having an overview of the month ahead, but don't want to keep track of your past plans? This notepad is perfect for you! Designed in the style of our usual monthly planner, it will allow you to be well organized, without having to encumber yourself with the months that are now behind you!

My week

Like the monthly planning notebook, this one will allow you to plan your weekly schedule without having to keep the schedule for completed weeks.

These two notepads can also be used in addition to paper planners, so you always have your schedule close to you!

My grocery list

No more grocery lists written on an easily misplaced piece of paper and forcing you to go around the supermarket twice because you accidentally forgot some items from your jumbled up list along the way! From now on, write down the foods to buy on this notepad organized according to the categories that you will find at the grocery store, so as to save time and not forget anything! And, because we like to make your job easier, a detachable space is also provided to effectively plan meals for the week.

My notes

Is your head overflowing with ideas that you jot down on so many little bits of paper lost all over the house? Instead, write them down on this handy notepad that you can slip into your family organization binder to treasure these ideas that could eventually be worth carrying out!

To do

Just like you, our to-do list never ends, and that's why it was essential for us to offer you the notepad that will serve as the perfect tool for you to write down your famous to-do list. ! The little extra Les Belles Combines? Not only will you have the feeling of accomplishment by checking the box of a completed task, but you will also be able to easily plan those to delegate thanks to our section specially designed for this purpose!

The stickers

Who says adults can't use stickers too? Like our magnetos, these will not only add color to the monthly and weekly planners in your binder, but they will also provide you with practical and effective visual cues for the various upcoming appointments and activities.

So, are you ready to assemble the binder that will lighten your mental load, allow you to easily share it with the rest of your family and make it easier to manage your household?