The secrets of an effective to-do list

07 November, 2022

Do you often tell yourself that you don't need that famous to-do list , that anyway you manage to remember everything you have to accomplish as tasks in a day? What if we told you that there are real benefits to using a daily to-do list ?

Free your mind

Constantly keeping in mind what we have to accomplish clutters our mind and inevitably brings its share of stress. Rather, noting all the tasks to be carried out on a to-do list rather allows us to free our mental space and thus have more space to concentrate fully on the present moment and to give free rein to possible new ideas.

Don't forget anything

Do you regularly forget to call a friend on his birthday? Are you always returning books from the library a few days late? No human being is able to memorize all the tasks to be done in a day, especially when you have to combine work, family and personal life. The secret of those who seem to manage to combine everything and forget nothing? Note everything !

Take action

Writing down the things you would like to accomplish not only helps you not forget them, but also gives yourself the motivation to finally achieve them . Writing the task on your to-do list allows you to confirm your real intention to carry it out and to concretely push yourself to action.

The feeling of accomplishment

Having a to-do list, and even more a done list , allows you to concretely see everything that has been accomplished in a day and thus feel the pride of not only having had a productive day, but also of having progressed. towards achieving goals , which will certainly provide you with the motivation to continue on this path the next day.


  • Prioritize your tasks (establish an order of priority)
  • Begin tasks with an action verb
  • Set a deadline for each task
  • Break projects down into smaller tasks
  • Sorting your list at the end of each day