Our TURNKEY sets: the all-in-one solution to your organizational problems!

30 March, 2023

Do you want to organize your daily life more, but don't know where to start? Would you like to be more consistent and consistent when it comes to educating your children, but don't know what tools to use to get there? You love Les Belles Combines products, but you don't know which ones best suit your needs and your family reality? Our turnkey packages have been designed especially for you!

3 years is the beginning

Your child has now reached the age where he is able to understand certain instructions as well as the consequences of his actions, and it is therefore time to take action in order to reinforce his good moves, to teach him how to manage his emotions positively. and develop their precious autonomy! This set includes everything needed to easily achieve this:

  • A five-step task chart
  • Magnetos My morning routine
  • The autonomy bracelet My morning routine
  • Magnetos Small Missions Level 1
  • The General Store Motivation and Positive Reinforcement System
  • The calm down kit

    Monthly planning

    If you're one of those people who likes to have an overview of the month ahead and organize themselves accordingly, this monthly planner set is the one for you! Thanks to the tools it contains, it will allow you to effectively manage your daily life, to share the mental load and to offer practical visual cues of the next events to come to your children. Here's everything you'll find there:

    • A magnetic, dry-erase monthly planner
    • “Holidays and special occasions” magnetos
    • “Meetings and activities” magnetos
    • The mini magnetos


    stationery fan

    You refuse to become a slave to your cell phone or your tablet? Do you still prefer the sweet smell of paper to the cold screen of your electronic devices? Check out our stationery Fan set, which includes everything you need to get organized with tools that are practical, efficient and, of course, pretty as hell! This set includes:

    • A vegan leather satchel in beige/pink color
    • 10 rigid cardboard and laminated dividers (9 family life departments and 1 customizable)
    • An undated 12-month monthly planner
    • 560 stickers to organize family life
    • Three 50-page notepads (My Grocery List, My Notes, To Do)
    • Three 96-page lined notebooks


    Because there are as many different realities and needs as there are families, discover all our other turnkey sets:

    • Groupie of the Belles Combines
    • Ultimate planning
    • Weekly planning
    • family chores
    • good behavior
    • Routine is essential
    • Before turning on a screen