Zen parents, Zen children. 5 tips for hitting the road with your family with peace of mind.

23 June, 2022

By Julie Tremblay-Potvin of De Saison.

1- The preparation of the luggage and the management of the space (mental and physical), you will lighten

We understand the desire not to be caught off guard, but our luggage advice is of course to pack light. But because there is still a minimum to bring, we encourage you to lighten your mental load with the following trick: make sets of objects and collect them in separate containers, a matter of going from 1000 things to prepare and to classify to a total of a few sets, lists and containers. It will also make it easier to store in the car.

For example: Adult clothing and toiletries, Children's clothing and toiletries, Sports and recreation, Food, Utilities. And if you don't go to the forest, keep the possibility of buying certain things only as needed instead of carrying the whole house on your back.

You can do the same thing with your lists of activities, places to visit and restaurants to try. For example, by making a list of musts, maybes and possibilities.

In short, dividing our mind into fewer categories helps us keep the big picture and stop the hamster!

2- Easy to remember guidelines and rules, you will equip yourself

Our instincts sometimes tell us that on vacation, the goal is to have no rules and not to think about anything. However, a few rules and guidelines can make a big difference in managing daily life on the road, facilitating decision-making, reducing negotiation and helping children be more independent. Few, simple and easy to remember rules are the key! Obviously, these rules are also built over the course of experience, according to your preferences. We bet that they will even become holiday traditions!

Examples :

We bring 5 things (toys, comforters, books) in our backpack, so the children can quickly take inventory and make sure they don't forget anything.

We never go camping for less than two nights.

No tablet or phone in the car (or a non-negotiable limited time).

We choose the music in turn (one album and not one song at a time!)

We cook or eat in the trailer only when it rains.

3- Special holiday shortcuts, you will allow yourself

On vacation, happiness is in the shortcuts. Meals that are quick to prepare and clean, even without cooking. Dinner already ready to eat cold on arrival. Going as short as possible leaves more time to explore!

Please resist the idea of ​​taking an adult vacation if you have children who are no longer babies. There comes a time when we realize that the pleasures we had on a romantic vacation can become a source of stress and disappointment when the reality of children interferes. Don't worry, happiness and pleasure are transformed, it should be seen as a diversity of experiences rather than a lowering of our standards. After all, the purpose of vacation is lightness!

4- Everyone's bubbles, you will respect

Who says car trip on vacation or tent or hotel room says proximity issues! How to ensure that everyone can have their bubble, whether to take a break from others or to regain their senses when they heat up? Headphones, of course, but also books, individual or duo activities can be good options. It's great collaboration and big united families, but maybe we don't always have to follow each other!

5- The flow, you will follow and the pivot, you will do

When you imagine yourself on a family vacation, I'm sure you imagine yourself as relaxed as you want. Of course, it won't always be relaxed, there will be moments of exasperation, but since emotional states spread as quickly as wildfire - and even more so in a small space, this is an opportunity to practice your psychological flexibility and continue to move forward in line with your values ​​without clinging too long to irritants, stresses and triggers. Come back to this image of you being calm, relaxed, with a smile on your face and the wind in your hair!

Good road!