Good small eaters: the fruit of good food habits!

05 February, 2020

It is good for health, this contains vitamins, this is extremely productive! Who has not ever said a sentence of this type to his child to motivate him to eat vegetables or for a long time prepared meal? Was it rather a try to educate his child in the nutrition? Intention is good but these sentences are not very persuasive health is a concept much too abstracted for the children. It is the same thing for the adults: we know that to use some food regularly can draw away positive effects or negative effets on the long-term health but this knowledge does not push us necessarily to action.

All parents want that their children eat well and have good health but is it necessary to make education in the nutrition to the children?

Answer can be surprising but not, it is not better to speak about concepts of nutrition to the children. They do not need to know the existence of nutriments and the effects of vitamins on their health. Too much to put grandiloquence on these concepts can even harm education in the nutrition. The parents owe food healthy feeding to teach it well! Child teach by example. It is not necessary to know that vegetables are rich in vitamins and in fibres, what is important it is that they are present at meals midday and evening and that the children see their parents loving it. Is the bread with whole grains more nutritious than the white bread? Of course but the children use it because it is the one who is available at home. The salmon is rich in omega 3? Great! But if he is in the menu every week it is because he is delightful. The same is true for the more sweet, fatty or salt food. They also have their place in balanced feeding, it is enough to have healthy habits of purchases and a frequency of moderate consumption. The parents are also models at this level and have to be sure that there is not notion of proscription by considering them in a neutral way (that is eat it from time to time). Attention: avoid labelling some food negatively by maintaining for example that he is getting fat. It is wrong, no food in himself has power to make gain weight and this adults' reflexion aloud can have a long-term adverse effect on the perception of the bodily weight of the children. What it is necessary to teach to the children Cook The best way of eating healthily is to cook. To cook allows to use ingredients raw, not much transformed. It is then a very good means to learn from it on food, ingredients and way the whole is transformed to create a good meal. These concepts are abstracted for the children as long as they do not test him themselves. And the children love cooking youth from one very. They enjoy to move a spoon in a bowl of flour to prepare cookies. They will be very happy to eat the vegetables which you cut by preparing the supper, they love breaking eggs or pressing on the button of the mixer. The roll with paste happiness at the end of fingers! Of course to cook with a juvenile child asks for patience but this is worth. He will learn to follow clear left luggage offices, will be more disposed to try during meal, will proud to have helped us and especially will be reassured of the contents of his plate because he will include a little better how very this food arrived there there. He will also learn ground rules as to wash his hands before touching food or cleaning the bar once the ended recipe. Take a good bench so that the babies are in security at your height and do not forbid the kitchen the children, they are much less disturbing next to you, hands in the bowls than down to search your attention. And once they will have necessary knowledge and experience to help really or to be able to prepare some meals for your place. The listening of appetite From his birth, the baby can introduce his appetite to his parents, he mourns when he is hungry and ceases drinking when he is sated. During the introduction of food and later, it is important to continue respecting the signs which the baby or the child sends. When he loses interest for meal, when he carries nothing more to his mouth or turns to signal a refusal, he is not hungry probably any more. It is towards the age of 18 months that the children become more selective and it is a normal stage in the training of feeding. It is often with this reduction of accepted variety that the parents try to motivate the child to eat by using several techniques: try everything, take last one blocked, deprive of dessert if he does not eat etc. This actions well-meaning can harm the confidence in the appetite of the child. Behaviour during meals. It is important to have rules to be followed during meals. The children like routines and teach with repetition. Here are ideas of rules which favour nice meals: Close any screen: television, cellular, computer Wash hands before meal Remain sat Wait that all finish before asking for the dessert Do not play with the food or utensils Say svp and thank you Do not interrupt the one who has word No chicane at the table Help to serve and to pick up the table To put grandiloquence on some priority rules, it can be useful to use a system of strengthening such as General Shop. Variety. To use a variety of food is the best means to introduce tastes, textures and to develop taste at the children. Without the same knowledge where food is good for them, they will enjoy to discover them. Buy vegetables and fruits which you do not use habitually. Cook Indian, Italian, Mexican, Asiatic recipes, the children mysteriously often like what is very tasty as the garlic, the curry, the coconut milk Put to one side the salt, a baby can very well be displayed to these more marked tastes. You do not like the liver, the fish or the tofu? If you do not buy this food, there is extremely to bet that your children would either like them. On the contrary, if you use a big variety of food, your children will impress you by their love for the aubergine or shrimps and they will be much more opened to taste new food. The health by a healthy feeding comes from the environment in which grow the children. The education in nutrition is made by example and experience. And they quickly teach because meals return three times a day. Appreciate food and listen to its appetite cook home, here is of trainings which to you child will have as life.

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