26 August, 2019

A few years ago, the chore of groceries was too time consuming for my taste. Weekly, meals had to be carefully planned to save money and not waste anything, go shopping, tidy up and do some preparation for the week. This series of tasks mobilized us at least half a day a week, often on a Saturday or Sunday. One day we discovered cottage life and its long weekends of pleasures and Lazing! Every Friday night, we rushed to leave the house for this dream place, and on Sunday, we tried to stretch the minutes to make the most of these two life-saving days. We all have good reasons to want to enjoy our weekends to the fullest. Unfortunately, it is very common for these two days off to be used to catch up on the tasks of the week that has just passed and to plan those for the week ahead! As Katrina Onstad says so well in her book Where did my weekend go? "Our desire to protect time is in constant conflict with the need to use it." This duality I lived it to the fullest and the need to find a new way to manage the food supply in order to free us from time and allow us to enjoy it was more and more present. That's when we embarked on the "storage" project. I did some research to discover the different retailers that sell at a discount and in large quantities. There was Aubut, Mayrand, Adonis and Provigo Warehouse Club. My main criterion for selection was my original goal of "time savings." The logic led me to subscribe to Costco since it was the retailer closest to me. With the precious help of my husband we turned a small room in the basement into a space of Storage and strategically furnished it with a freezer, shelf and fridge. Many of you may not have the space... but by taking the time to do some cleaning and filing in your home, you will probably manage to free up this closet or space under the stairs. I then set out to make a list of all the basic foods that can be Store; these foods that we eat regularly, non-perishable or that I know we can eat before the expiration date. This list is super important!!! Anyone who has ever visited a Costco or other retailer like this knows that it is a consumer paradise. We can easily be phished by all these new ready-to-eat products that make us eye. Besides, it's better to shop on a full stomach! We must therefore be disciplined and not be tempted by the items that are not on this famous list, otherwise we will be able to say goodbye to the savings envisaged. In fact, I have transformed this List small combination you can download online Right here. Once a month, list in hand, I go around my storage bins in both the kitchen and bathroom and check the missing items. I invite you to read my article Storage 101 to learn about my technique of storing objects. Then all I have to do is go and buy a Stockthat should help us last almost a whole month. Once a week I do an extra mini grocery store for the fresh only (milk, fruits and vegetables, etc.). Storage has several benefits for us:
  • Large containers are more economical. For example, buying a small "boiler" of mayonnaise will cost you less than as many small jars of mayonnaise.
  • Large containers are also more environmentally friendly. For example, washing and filling the same small jar of mayonnaise will mean less plastic.
  • Storage saves time. Having so many foods on hand make it easier to improvise a week meal. Not to mention that the weekly visit time to the grocery store or pharmacy is shortened. As we go for emergencies or fresh food only, we have the option to do this on a weeknight when we return from work. So we keep the whole weekend to ourselves!
Of course, this monthly grocery store will cost you dearly on the spot! The finances will have to be organized accordingly. Here we use the credit card that we pay back the following weeks. That said, in the end we save about $300 a month. So we have the pleasure of having at our disposal a mini grocery store in the basement. Every week, I plan meals based on what is there. I go up to the kitchen the food we will eat in the coming week. And every month I go back to make the necessary reservations. Do you like it? I also invite you to read the article The Press about it and that features my whole little family! %2