Practical tips for sorting school effects

07 November, 2022

Your children have left school for the summer and are now back with all the school equipment used during the year. To make sure you recover as much of this material as possible and thus not only save a lot of money, but also pass on eco-responsible values ​​to your children , here are some practical tips .

Involve the children

To make it easier for you and quietly get the children to do the sorting and tidying up of their school effects themselves at the end of the year, invite them from an early age to help you. To make it easy for them to know what should be kept and what should be thrown away, print out this little instruction manual for sorting and storing school materials .

Reuse material that is still useful

Obviously, it is not desirable to keep half-used lead pencils for the next school year, but it is always possible and certainly more ecological to keep them in order to be able to use them at home. In the same way, the rest of a tablet of cardboard sheets, slightly damaged colored pencils and a leftover glue stick will certainly find their place in the DIY material bin at home.

Create a reserve of school materials

When the sorting is completed, store all the material that can be used at the start of the school year in a storage space specially provided for this purpose . Organize the items into categories (schoolbags, duo-tangs, loose-leaf, pencils, glue and scissors, etc.) so that you can find them easily when it comes time to buy school supplies for the start of the school year. This way, you'll not only make sure you don't waste anything, but you'll also save a lot of money by not buying duplicate material !

Sorting out at the end of classes

Don't wait until August to sort out the school effects from the previous year, rather take a moment to do so as soon as your well-filled school bag returns home! If you can, also proceed in June to purchase the missing items for September; you will thus avoid adding an additional task to yourself during the often very busy back-to-school period, and you will have peace of mind during the holidays!

For other tips and tricks to make sorting school effects easier , watch the video produced by Dominique right here !