Our best tips for efficient storage of the shed or garage

07 November, 2022

Spring has arrived and you find yourself once again in front of a cluttered and upside down shed or garage? Wondering how you'll manage to get the bikes or tennis rackets out without knocking over the mountains of boxes piling up in a corner? Would you like to make sure that your children can easily find their toys and sporting goods while preventing them from having access to dangerous products and tools? Follow these few tips now to effectively sort and tidy up your shed or garage once and for all !

Three-level organization

At Les Belles Combines, as you know, we like to promote children's autonomy , and that is why we suggest that you organize your garage or shed using a storage system in three levels :

Level 1 : products and items that are safe and suitable for the little ones aged approximately five years and under (sand toys, wooden or plastic tools, balls, etc.)

Level 2 : products and items safe and suitable for children aged approximately six years and over

Level 3 : products and items safe and suitable for children aged approximately nine years and over

The organization in sections

In order to quickly see where the items you need are located, consider organizing your garage or shed into different sections:

Gardening : gardening tools, fertilizers, garden soil, etc.

Sports and leisure items : ball basket, baseball and hockey sticks, tennis and badminton rackets, chalk, sand toys, bicycle helmets (installed on hooks), etc.

Cleaning products and tools : hammer, saw, windshield washer, etc.

Products and items prohibited for children : large tools and toxic/hazardous products

Finally, of course, ask each member of the family to always put the objects and products back where they took them , so that it is easy to find them quickly and to keep the places clean and well organized!

For more advice, take a moment to watch the video made by Dominique and download our little trick !