Encourage everyone to collaborate with our new household chores chart!

18 December, 2023

Would you like to see your children collaborate more in carrying out household chores? Do you want to develop their autonomy and proactivity when the time comes to participate in domestic life? Check out our brand new Chores Chart *, the perfect tool for sharing chores fairly among the whole family!

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The household chores chart, the chart that promotes children's autonomy and lightens the mental load of parents!

Avoid having to repeat the same instructions and the tasks to be carried out several times to your children and thus free up your mental load in connection with family management. Developing the autonomy and proactivity of young and old alike means offering them tools that will be useful to them throughout their lives!

Why use the chores chart?

Because it's easy to use

As all the tasks of the house to be carried out are found in the same place, no more family member has to look for what he must accomplish. Thanks to its simple and clear design, young and old alike can easily understand how to use it independently and efficiently.

Because it is visual and easy to understand

Thanks to the “Priority” section, it is easy for each member of the family to quickly see which task must be completed first. Our playful and colorful magnetos that complement the blackboard also make it easy for little ones to understand what they have to do.

Because it is completely customizable

The avatars included with the board allow it to be easily personalized, in addition to adding a playful side appreciated by children and easily adapting it to your family reality. Are your children getting old and finding the avatars too "baby"? Instead, use the colored dots, on which you can write the first letter of their name using an erasable pencil.

Because it assures you of a fair sharing of tasks

The different tables assigned to each member of the family make it possible to ensure at a glance that everyone is getting their hands dirty and that household chores are distributed fairly.

Get the whole family involved in household chores

Each week, write down (using our magnetos , from our small sticky notes or a dry-erase pencil) all the household chores in the “To Do” section and ask each family member to complete a predetermined number before the end of the weekend. Then, do not hesitate to reward completed tasks with tokens, which the children can then spend in the General store .

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