Relevez le Défi Une pièce/mois et retrouvez enfin une maison fonctionnelle!

Take up the One Room/Month Challenge and finally find a functional home!

The contents of your closet crumble in front of you every time you dare to open the door?
Do you have about thirty plastic dishes, but only three lids?
You haven't seen the floor of your garage for several months?

It's time for the One Room/Month Challenge, a FREE twelve-month challenge that will have you decluttering and organizing your home, one room at a time! Each month, receive by email:

  • A step-by-step method, accessible both to fans of the organization and to eternal procrastinators, to download for free to clean up the piece of the month, providing you each month with a list of objects to eliminate, a list of categories to classify efficiently your possessions and a list of things to get according to your needs and your family reality
  • Smart tips and advice to make sure you organize your space in a functional way and make full use of every corner of it
  • Handy tools to download for FREE to help you get more out of your space every day and keep it organized and functional
  • Sound advice to promote the development of children's autonomy in each room of the house, thanks to the practical tools offered and a layout of the space at their height
  • Blog articles offering you even more practical tips and turnkey methods to optimize your use and allow you to take full advantage of the now decluttered and organized rooms

The One Room/Month Challenge not only allows you to finally declutter all the rooms in your home, but also to find a pleasant and functional living environment for everyone , which will allow you to:
  • Keeping the house tidy and organized more easily on a daily basis thanks to the absence of superfluous and unused objects
  • Waste less time looking for what you need and thus reduce your daily stress level
  • Feel the calm and lightness brought by an environment devoid of “visual noise”
  • Release your mental load usually cluttered by objects to sort and classify as well as the weight of the household that accumulates
  • Take full advantage of your home and the time spent with your family in a living environment that suits you and your needs perfectly

The One Piece/Month Challenge is one you're sure to take on with flying colors and is accessible to everyone, as it's done one step at a time with the help of ready-to-use content and instructions! So, ready to get started?