Bags of surprises for the holiday road

23 June, 2022

Are you hitting the road with the kids? Who says family trip, says road to do with children on board, who says road to do with children on board, says situation that can very easily degenerate! Anyone who has ever driven several kilometers with young children knows that if you want to have a good time, you have to be well prepared. With a little imagination (that's good, we have a lot of them), it is possible to find tips that will help the little ones to wait. Here are the little car survival kits, little surprise bags to distribute throughout your long journey. Love the idea, but not sure what to put in it? Read this article to the end, because we have a lot of ideas for you.

The idea behind the loot bags is to provide children with the necessary to occupy themselves throughout the journey to pass the time. The wait is also always more pleasant when we know that a surprise awaits us.

To make the loot bags, you will need paper bags (or small boxes) cardboard and our small labels to cut and stick on the bags. Write down the name of each child and the opening time. You can decide to open the bags according to the time, the number of kilometers traveled or even to open one at each stopover. You are the captain!

How many loot bags to prepare for each child and when to open them depends on the distance and duration of your journey. How often your children can open them is up to you.

Without further ado, here are our suggestions for surprises to slip inside your little packages.

  • Candy
  • Snacks
  • Riddles
  • Colouring pencils
  • Coloring books
  • brain teaser
  • car board games
  • Books
  • Sensory Toys
  • modeling clay
  • Tattoos
  • card games
  • Stickers
  • Threads for friendship bracelets
  • post it
  • lead pencils
  • Erasable whiteboard
  • Erasable pencils
  • Scratch drawing sheets
  • Small LEGOs
  • Figures
  • Pencils for writing in the windows
  • Mazes
  • Small cars
  • pipe cleaners
  • Flashcards

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