Dominique's findings for the adoption of new habits

14 December, 2021

January is the perfect time to start adopting new habits, including finally integrating some time for yourself into the schedule!
We therefore offer you the perfect finds that will undoubtedly motivate you to take a few minutes for yourself!

The Zorah Cosmétiques discovery set for normal skin

You haven't adopted a care routine for your skin yet and you don't know exactly which product would suit you best? Why not take advantage of a discovery box? This one will not only allow you to try different products, but also make sure you cover all the necessary steps for clean and healthy skin!

The BBB cream of Zorah Cosmetics

If you don't know where to start, this BBB cream is definitely the product for you! Both day cream and foundation, it will perfectly hydrate your skin in addition to reviving the radiance of your complexion and improving the texture of your skin.
Lengthening mascara by Zorah Cosmétiques

Whether it's for weekend outings or for everyday family life, do you want to get into the habit of adding a little touch of makeup to your routine without spoiling yourself? This mascara, in addition to being enriched with organic argan oil, will add length and strength to your lashes, for a chic and natural look!
Lengthening care mascara

Rose Buddha Cozy Sweater

Taking care of yourself also means being comfortable in your everyday clothes! Available in several colors, this sweater will ensure comfort and softness, in addition to being made of TENCEL, an eco-responsible material that will allow it to keep its shape and color even after several washes.
Cozy sweater

Rose Buddha High Waisted Leggings

Because nobody likes to feel stuck in their clothes, these leggings will literally make you feel like you have a second skin! With its more than comfortable high waist and its light and breathable fabric, it will be perfect to accompany you in all of your daily activities, in addition to being made in Quebec using 10 to 15 recycled plastic bottles.