Dominique's finds for really practical Christmas gifts

18 November, 2021

This year, for Christmas, we invite you to add to your list some really practical gift ideas, which will certainly be useful to you on a daily basis! Psst! Don't forget to check out the My Promo Codes section for exclusive discounts for Heads of Household at some of these stores!


The complete set "Filling station at home"
by The Unscented Company

We all need cleaning products for the home, so why not ask for them or give them as gifts? As you already know, these products from The Unscented Company are a real favorite for Les Belles Combines; in addition to not adding any unwanted odor to our environment, they are completely natural and available in bulk formats that allow you to fill your bottles yourself in the comfort of your home!
The Unscented Company Cleansing Set

A Barista coffee subscription

Anyone who loves coffee knows how frustrating it can be to run out! To avoid this kind of situation, the Barista company offers a subscription; similar to your favorite monthly magazine, each month you will receive a bag of high-quality coffee delivered to your home, prepared using the slow roasting method inspired by traditional Italian roasting. Trying it is definitely adopting it!

An Ola Bamboo subscription

Did you know that it was recommended to change your toothbrush every three months? Because it can sometimes be easy to forget, why not subscribe to a program that would allow you to automatically receive new toothbrushes for the whole family every quarter? This is exactly what the Ola Bamboo company offers you, with the addition of products made of natural bamboo wood and therefore 100% compostable and biodegradable!

An Oatbox subscription

To add flavor-filled crunch to your morning yogurt, Oatbox granola is definitely the ingredient you need! And, if you are a subscriber, you will have the pleasure of discovering their new flavors every month, delivered directly to your door!

An Evive Smoothie subscription

In addition to ready-to-eat smoothie cubes, the Evive Smoothie company also offers frozen vegetable purées that are perfect to add to your favorite rice or pasta! To make sure you always have some on hand for a quick snack or dinner, why not ask for a subscription to their products as a gift?

A T-Surprise subscription

Imagine if you could treat yourself every month to a set of teas and treats delivered straight to your door? This is now possible thanks to the company T-Surprise , which offers different subscription formulas entitling you to different varieties of teas and surprises chosen according to a common theme.

Zorah Cosmetic Set

Made from healthy, organic and ultra-effective foods, the products in the Zorah Cosmetics range are of high quality in addition to not being harmful to health or the environment. If you don't know them yet, why not ask for one of their discovery boxes as a gift, perfectly suited to your skin type?

Kliin Compostable Paper Towel Set

In order to do more of your part for the environment, it is better to change one habit at a time and replace traditional paper towels with those offered by the Kliin company is certainly a step in the right direction! The different sets offered on their online store will certainly make a practical gift to receive or to offer!