Dominique's finds for Hygge hobbies with children

12 October, 2021

Have you decided to try new hobbies with your children to occupy your long November evenings, but lack ideas for activities to explore? Discover all of Dominique's finds!

The Breeding Bird Atlas

If one of your children enjoys birdwatching as much as Louis does, they will definitely enjoy reading this Atlas of Breeding Birds . Bringing together nearly 500 photos, it is a veritable goldmine of information for birdwatchers, young and old!

Available at Booksellers

The school of art book

Like Laurier, is your child a budding artist? The book L'école de l'art offers five complete pedagogical lessons aimed at learning different basic principles of drawing such as line, colors or perspective. Ideal for children aged ten and over, it will undoubtedly appeal to your future Picassos!

Available at Booksellers

Punch needle set and candle making set

These two sets are sure to entertain craft enthusiasts like Simone and Marie. The first will allow your child to discover the punch needle, a relief embroidery technique made using a punch, in addition to giving him the opportunity to make a magnificent decoration for his room himself! The second set will allow your little craftsman to create his own soy candles with the fragrance of his choice thanks to all the necessary materials and a simple instruction booklet included in the box.
Punch needle set available at Omer Deserres
Candle making kit available at Marée Chandelles

The book 150 bread recipes

If, like Raoul, your little ones like to get their hands dirty, this book containing 150 recipes for various breads to make without a machine and impossible to miss will certainly please them! And, to deposit their many culinary creations, why not offer them this perfect little wicker basket?
Available at The Culinary Guild

Puzzles from Cavallini Papers

Is the whole family a fan of puzzles? These models from Cavallini Papers offer beautiful vintage images revisited with a contemporary twist on high quality puzzles. With 1000 pieces to assemble, the whole family will have plenty to keep them busy for long evenings!
Available at Omer Deserres