Dominique's finds to hit the road for vacation

16 June, 2022

Here are some suggestions to help you keep young and old busy during the trip and be prepared for any eventuality if something goes wrong.

1. The LBC motivation board and our erasable pencils

To entertain the little ones on the go, use the erasable chalkboard side of the Motivational Board and Belles Combines erasable crayons. 

2. La Petite Trousse first aid kit

Pocket size, it fits perfectly in the glove box. 

3. On the Road Board Game

50 games for family fun on the road.

4. The Discovery Podcast app

Easily create interactive tours no matter where you travel in Canada.

  1. The Elkaputchi podcast

Entertainment for the whole family to listen to in the car. 

6. The Jolly-Jumper Seat Cover

Keep the car clean and enjoy a little extra storage space. 

7. Elite Medic Vomit Bags

To relieve motion sickness without the mess. CoxGaZyI1C-TRRpXiORoCKUIQAvD_BwE