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Les Magnetos - Family format

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**Warning! Product not available for Europe**

A series of magnetic and playful pictograms that will encourage your children to participate in household chores!

1. Choose task

2. Put the sticker on the magnet

3. Use and replace whenever you want

Fully customizable and repositionable

Because each child develops at a different pace and each family has its own reality, these magnetos are fully customizable and repositionable, so that you can easily adapt them according to your needs, the particular path of your child. your children and their stage of development.

Integrate them into chore charts and monthly and weekly family planners

Not suitable for children under 3 years old as this product contains small parts.

Recommended age: 3-12

Product detail

70 blank magnets to personalize

120 task stickers divided into 6 levels

Dimension: 1 in (2.5 cm)

Thickness: 3mm

Tips for use
1. Choose the tasks you want to assign to your children (according to their age, level and/or abilities) and affix the corresponding stickers to the magnetos. Ideally, even if you're not using the tiered chore system, be sure to choose a different chore color for each child to make it easier for them to recognize their chores.
2. Use the selected magnets with a complementary tool of your choice (small or large chore chart or weekly or monthly planner) to give your kids a clear visual cue of the tasks they need to complete in a given time period. t64>
Tips for using Task Magnetos to their full potential
1. Make completing the task fun. Don't hesitate to put on lively music, dance or sing and, above all, don't forget to keep smiling!
2. When possible, turn doing chores into bonding time with your children. Complete tasks with them and take the time to chat.
3. It's up to you to decide when the tasks should be done, or to give your children a time limit within which the tasks should be completed.
4. It's not always easy for a little one to understand the importance of good housekeeping, so it's important to take the time to explain it to them. So be sure to teach them that cleaning helps, among other things, to eliminate germs and bacteria, to avoid the presence of bad odors, to find our things more easily and to prevent them from being damaged.
5. After giving them clear instructions, let your children perform the task without expecting a result. Then be sure to check the work done and, of course, encourage them to do better next time!
6. Do not hesitate to use positive reinforcement, especially with the use of the general store, in order to congratulate them for having accomplished the task, but especially for having adopted a positive attitude towards it.
7. When your child moves to the next level of tasks, remember to grant them new privileges.Growing up means having new responsibilities, but also getting more freedom!
Stains by evolving levels
Although the tasks have been divided into levels, each of the tasks from the previous levels is carried over to the next level, so that the children can continue to do the tasks already well integrated into their routine while growing up. giving them the possibility of assigning them new, more complex tasks Obviously, as each child develops at his own very personal pace, the age suggested for each level is given as an indication only.

Les Magnetos - Family format
Les Magnetos - Family format

Customer Reviews

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Les garçons ont tout de suite aimé le principe! Reste plus qu’à faire les taches


Bien satisfaite des pictos. J’adore aussi les niveaux.


Les Magnétos - Format familial


vraiment très utile!!! Plus besoin de répéter :-)

Bien, mais un peu déçu

J’ai 2 garçons. J’ai commandé le format familial pour une plus grand diversité des tâches. Malheureusement plusieurs tâches reviennent. Ex: ranger sa chambre reviens 5 fois. C’est inscrits 120 tâches mais réellement c’est environ 40 tâches différentes.Je suis un peu déçu, j’aurais aimé, plutôt de répéter les tâches de base, avoir par exemple les icône de routine matin/soir. Les autocollants se décolle relativement bien mais le « collant » et le plastique derrière reste souvent collé ensemble ce qui enlève l’aspect réutilisable. Bien que la qualité du matériel est là, je suis un peu déçu de voir tout ce qui reste « inutilisé  » Je recommanderai surtout pour une famille nombreuse.