Learn about real life through the General Store

07 November, 2022

Symbolic play takes an important place during childhood and that is why the General Store is the perfect tool to motivate your children to accomplish tasks , adopt good behaviors and meet new challenges while learning. fun to play real life! Thus, the use of the store will allow your child to develop learning that will certainly be useful to him in his daily life:

  • Learn to save : with the general store, your child will have to learn how to accumulate his tokens before being able to obtain the reward of his choice, just like the adult who must know how to save in order to buy the objects he wants .
  • Learn to make choices : Unfortunately, we can't always afford everything we want, and we often have to make choices in relation to the budget we have. Thanks to the store, your child will be able to develop his ability to choose an object or a privilege among all those offered to him according to his preferences and, of course, the accumulated tokens!
  • Learn to manage his budget : your child wants to have a bag of sweets at 20 tokens each, in addition to a toy at a cost of 50 tokens, and he has accumulated 40 tokens so far? He will have to decide if he gets the bag of candies right away (or even two!) or if he instead keeps his tokens in order to save them for the purchase the following week of the desired privilege, just like when manages a budget in his adult life.
  • Learn to make compromises : you have several children and all want to get the same object available in a single copy in the general store? This is an opportunity for them to learn to compromise and be conciliatory in order to find a solution that will satisfy everyone.

Finally, using the general store allows children to gently and playfully learn about finances and life in society , important skills that will be more than useful to them in their future adult life!

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