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07 November, 2022

The General Store not only allows parents to reward their children for tasks accomplished, good behavior and demonstrations of autonomy , but also to quietly teach them how to properly manage their finances and, above all, know how to save ! Thanks to the savings book included with our motivation system, children will be able to save the accumulated tokens in order to offer themselves a bigger reward after some time. They thus learn to be patient in order to obtain what they want and to make more considered choices which promote a more responsible consumer attitude. Looking for more hands-on ways to introduce your little ones to the value of money ? Here are a few:

Open a bank account

From the age of nine or ten, it can be interesting to open a bank account for your child, so that he can not only deposit his pocket money there, but also learn from now on how to use a debit card, to withdraw money from the ATM and to efficiently manage the budget available in his account .

Use a transparent piggy bank

If your children earn pocket money each week, depositing the money received in a transparent piggy bank will allow them to see the money accumulating over the weeks and thus realize the savings made . Likewise, children will be able to easily see the money “disappear” as they spend it.

Learn to manage a budget

Why not take advantage of summer vacation or spring break to introduce your children to budget management ? With the help of the tools available in this little combination , you can ask them to develop themselves the family project that will be carried out during the holidays according to the budget that you have previously determined.

Lead by example

Obviously, when it comes to education, the best way to teach something to our children is to lead by example ! If you haven't already, be sure to develop a healthy relationship with money and avoid impulse buying as much as possible . Do not hesitate to verbalize in front of your children your thoughts about your purchases, taking care to explain concretely the difference in particular between your real needs and your simple desires .

For more little tricks that will help you effectively manage your personal or family finances, it's here !

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