Eat a habit in family to be taken!

19 September, 2019

Every parent is keen to make grow good eaters. All are so-so tried to vary offered meals and they hope to make like all this good food to our children. That being said, even before making efforts to try to change or to improve the contents of our plates and of those of our children him there a thing which it is necessary to make sure to be: to make grow good eaters, it is necessary to eat together. Fact to take meal in family has so much importance as what is served. It is proved that to eat in family is advantageous and it, both for physical health and for mental health. Yes, they would like that our children eat more vegetables and accept the fish. And if solution was simply to eat together?   Timetable of meals and light meals   The parents have to make 1001 decisions in link with feeding. Choose and prepare food, give a healthy food environment, be sure that meals are various and balanced. Ellyn Satter Institutea reference in the field of food behaviours of the children, offers to share responsibilities in that way: the parents should be responsible of the what, of when, of how. The children when to them should control how much, that is the quantity which they want to ingest and it, respecting their appetite. Besides the choice of food, it is as in the parents as returns the role to choose the timetable of meals. This last decision is very important. It is the parents who know the timetable of the activities of the day, return ticket at job and hour of the bedtime. It is also them who know the appetite of the children (he is slower in the morning, he is very hungry upon the return to the day nursery, etc). It is as necessary to remember as a child all over the smaller stomach, can hardly eat a big meal and no more not be hungry during 5 - 6 hours. In general, it is necessary to plan meals at 5 h and light meal at the farthest 3 h after meal.   Structure of meals = security   It is important to set up a structure of meals and of light meals so that the child is reassured on the fact that there will always be food to answer his hunger. This will allow him to respect its bodily signals because he will not be afraid to lack food in meals or between meals. With a timetable of stable meal, he knows that his hunger will be filled up in lunch, then in light meal, then in dinner and so on. It also allows to be sure that the children arrive at meal with a moderate and not extreme or nonexistent hunger, what can be case if there were several periods of light meals between two meals too much spaced out.   Councils to institute meals in family  
  • Think of the timetable of all and find a ground of understanding
For example, lunch can be got in family from the bar lunch so that you could end lunches. at the same time. However, if the supper is often taken on the thumb because of extracurricular activities, it would be good to envisage a sat lunch all together, to replace the famous time in family in the supper. For the supper, if a parent comes back too late and for what the children cannot wait because they are too much hungry, it would be preferable of to have late dinner with the children earlier than to let these have late dinner only and to wait for the other parent to sit down at the table.  
  • Close all screens.
Meals take place in family and screens are not invited! It is often around meals that creates the nicest memories and that we create links with the children. Not of cellular, bars or television.  
  • Speak about something else than about meal
If it is true that meals in family should be an instant of exchanges and of pleasure, it is not always case with the smallest. Even if they speak not much of their day, ask them questions, also tell your own day.  
  • Lose grip about the quality of meal and of quantity of food ingested by the children
It is better to avoid making comments if the children eat not much. Rather than to say eats or else tries your soup, one puts grandiloquence on the fact that it is really good. Free to the child to try it or not. In short, if you speak about meal, have it in a positive way!  
  • Remain sat
Ask of each staying sat even if he ended at least 20 minutes or until the slowest child ends to eat. If the children have the possibility of going out of table when they are not any more hungry, they risk leaving after 5 minutes.   Of course it is possible to issue left luggage offices for meals in family. However watch out for the fact that this do not become an instant of discipline. A picture of emulation can be instituted until harmony invites at the table.   Here are our rules at table: Respect for others in acts as in words Remain sat To play (no toys accepted at table and they do not play with food)   Be constant and assiduous! Benefits will watch each other on long term then it is better to put into practice very from now on.