This podcast, like a peek into a keyhole to observe Quebec families, is intended as a collective reflection on the roles that each takes on as well as on the reasons why these roles are so deeply rooted in us that 'they are for some difficult to interchange.

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The kitchen has no gender

The most demanding domestic task of all is undoubtedly that of preparing meals on a daily basis.

Plan menus, anticipate and prepare meals, manage the food budget, make purchases, store them, serve the meal, do the dishes, etc. Antoine Sicotte, also known as le Cuisinier Rebelle and Geneviève O’Gleman discuss how they handle this heavy task and share their best tips for doing so.


Gérer une famille représente un défi de taille! Reconstituer une famille c’est un défi encore plus grand. Pour arriver à trouver l’équilibre et à intégrer deux cellules familiales dans une seule, les parents de familles reconstituées doivent non seulement être une équipe solide mais aussi faire preuve de beaucoup de flexibilité et d'ingéniosité. Dominique en discute avec Suzanne Vallières, psychologue et auteure de la collection à succès « Les psy-trucs » ainsi qu'avec Patrick Marsolais, animateur du Lunch All Dress à CKOI, père et beau-père de famille reconstituée.

La cuisine n'a pas de sexe

La charge domestique la plus prenante de toutes est sans conteste celle de la préparation des repas au quotidien.

Planifier les menus, anticiper et préparer les repas, gérer le budget alimentaire, faire les achats, les stocker, servir le repas, faire la vaisselle etc. Antoine Sicotte, aussi connu sous le nom du Cuisinier Rebelle et Geneviève O’Gleman discutent de leur façon de gérer cette lourde tâche et nous partagent leurs meilleurs trucs pour y arriver.

Finances and love, a Pandora's box

It is said that 70% of married couples fight over money. That's more than chores, time together, or sex. This is understandable, since it is a difficult subject to broach, because it touches on our deepest values

To enlighten us on the subject, we spoke with none other than Pierre-Yves McSween as well as with Maître Annie Drapeau is a lawyer who works exclusively in family law and youth law.

Maternal guilt when you hold us!

Everything suggests that women are predestined to suffer from maternal guilt. Is there a way to temper this feeling and delegate more tasks to our spouse without feeling like we're failing in our role?

To discuss it with Dominique, Nathalie Plaat, columnist at Le Devoir, author, clinical psychologist and college teacher, as well as Madeleine Arcand, author and co-founder of the company Rose Buddha.

Alternate parental leave

What is alternating parental leave? How is it different from Quebec parental leave? Véronique Hivon, lawyer, Quebec politician and mother of two children Tristan Champion, French father now living with his wife and their two children in Norway, author of the book La beard et le biberon.

Parental revolution

How have parenting roles changed over time? Can we be proud of how far we've come? Is there still a long way to go?

Valérie Harvey, Quebec writer and sociologist, author of the book Révolution Papa, How men transform masculinity Mathieu Gratton, multifaceted Quebec artist, father of an adult 20 years old autistic and recently at the head with his spouse of a foster family.