The concept behind Belles Combines

It all started with Dominique, a school teacher and mom of three, while she was expecting her fourth child. Eager to encourage the overall well-being of her children, she created a series of imaginative and practical tools and tips for her family. From there, she began collaborating with her sister to design educational, organizational and playful tools in order to facilitate day-to-day family life.


Over the years, Dominique has become the brand's top influencer. Co-founder of Belles Combines, Dominique studied early childhood and primary education, and is a busy mother of six children ages 0 to 9. In sharing stories about her everyday life and experiences developing her children's autonomy through various educational methods, she has inspired thousands of families across Quebec. Get a glimpse of family life with her tiny- but mighty- brood in their picturesque country home.

Dominique Bernèche


Annie Bernèche

Thierry Leblond

Annie is the co-founder of Belles Combines and she is behind the visual identity of Belles Combines. She is the one who designs all our products and ensures the visual consistency of all our communications.

She is also our director of operations. Let's just say that her creative and cartesian sides are a good mix to manage these two roles.

Thierry works as marketing director for Belles Combines.

With his experience acquired alongside several companies specialized in childhood, he brings to the company not only his expertise in e-commerce and strategic planning, but also his creativity and his ability to help companies carve out a place in the web ecosystem.

Marc Therrien

Natacha Langlois

During his career, Marc has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs from various sectors of activity start up and grow their businesses.

With an MBA in corporate finance, his expertise at Belles Combines lies more particularly in financial management, fundraising and strategic planning.

Natacha is Dominique’s assistant, in addition to acting as a content writer / editor within the Belles Combines team.

With a degree in elementary school education and professional revision, she is passionate about education and her long experience with Belles Combines products and her three children, has certainly served her greatly in her role within the company.

We are proud of it



Belles Combines received the One to Watch Award for our signature label during our first ever attendance at the Play Time New York American trade show.

Our first and second editions were a hit and received a great deal of media coverage! We intend to continue promoting this initiative year after year.